Government General Degree College at Lalgarh

P.O.: Lalgarh, District: Jhargram, PIN: 721516
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Online form fill-up for admission in UG courses (2022-23) will be started from 18th July, 2022.

Online Admission 2022-2023

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Admission General Helpline

Dwaipayan Mitra
Admission Convener
Contact No : 9832723172 (11a.m. to 5p.m.)
Kishore Majhi
Joint Convener
Contact No : 6295215080 (11a.m. to 5p.m.)

All Admission Notifications

IDTitleIssue DateExpireDateType
80081 5th Sem Internal Assessment Exam 2022 24-11-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
80078 Notification for Students Data Collection 23-11-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
80069 West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme Notice 13-10-202230-11-2022Admission Notice
80067 Notification for Puja Vacation 29-09-202231-10-2022Admission Notice
80065 Notice for Pending Verification 22-09-202231-10-2022Admission Notice
80063 Notice for Orientation Program 2022 22-09-202231-10-2022Admission Notice
80060 notice for BA general 17-09-202217-10-2022Admission Notice
80059 Verification Notification in Santali 16-09-202231-10-2022Admission Notice
80058 Important Notification for Verification 16-09-202231-10-2022Admission Notice
70074 Verfication Notice-Bengali Version 2022 14-09-202230-11-2022Admission Notice
70073 Verfication Notice-English Version 2022 14-09-202230-11-2022Admission Notice
70072 Notice for tenth Phase of Honours Course and ninth Phase of General Course 12-09-202231-10-2022Admission Notice
70071 Notice for Ninth Phase of Honours Course and Eighth Phase of General Course 05-09-202231-10-2022Admission Notice
70069 Notice for Eighth Phase of Honours Course and Seventh Phase of General Course 01-09-202201-10-2022Admission Notice
70068 Notice for Seventh Phase of Honours Course and Sixth Phase of General Course 28-08-202230-09-2022Admission Notice
70065 Notice for Sixth Phase of Honours Course and Fifth Phase of General Course 25-08-202230-09-2022Admission Notice
70061 Fifth Phase Notice for Honours Course 21-08-202230-09-2022Admission Notice
70059 4th phase admission notice for B.a Gen, B.a Gen(Santali) , Gen 19-08-202230-09-2022Admission Notice
60064 Timeline For online admission 06-08-202201-10-2022Admission Notice
60063 Provisional Merit list Notification 06-08-202230-11-2022Admission Notice
60053 UG Admission Related Information in Santali 2022 13-07-202229-10-2022Admission Notice
60052 GENERAL INFORMATION AND GUIDELINES UG ADMISSION 2022 13-07-202229-10-2022Admission Notice
60050 Admission Schedule 2022 13-07-202229-10-2022Admission Notice
60049 How to Apply 2022 13-07-202229-10-2022Admission Notice
60048 Prospectus 2022 13-07-202225-08-2022Admission Notice

All General Notifications

IDTitleIssue DateExpireDateType
80101 Notification for Lending of Library Books 22-03-202322-10-2023General Notice
80100 1st Semester Exam. 2022 Form fill up DATE EXTENTION Notification 02-03-202302-06-2023General Notice
80099 1st Semester Exam. 2022 Form fill up Notification 21-02-202321-05-2023General Notice
80098 20230218, VU_EXAM FORM FILL UP GUIDELINES FOR STUDENTS 1ST SEM 2022 18-02-202318-05-2023General Notice
80097 20230219, 1st Semester Registration Certificate & Identity Card Distribution Notice 19-02-202319-05-2023General Notice
80096 Date sheet for Library Card distribution of 1st & 5th Sem. Students. 16-02-202316-05-2023General Notice
80095 20230123, Schedule of 1st Semester Internal Assessment Exam.-2022 23-01-202323-04-2023General Notice
80094 1st Semester Internal Assessment Exam 15-01-202328-02-2023General Notice
80093 Holiday Notice 15-01-202328-02-2023General Notice
80092 Holiday Notice 13-01-202313-03-2023General Notice
80091 20230113, 1st Semester Internal Assessment Exam. 2023 13-01-202313-03-2023General Notice
80090 Datesheet for Library card Distribution of 3rd Semester students 2022-23 12-01-202328-02-2023General Notice
80089 3rd Sem. Internal Assessment Exam 19.12.2022 19-12-202231-01-2023General Notice
80088 3rd Semester Form Fill-up Notice in Santali 19-12-202231-01-2023General Notice
80087 3rd Sem. Exam Form Fill up Notice in Bengali 18.12.2022 18-12-202231-01-2023General Notice
80086 LGC ENGLISH Lecture notice 17-12-202231-01-2023General Notice
80085 College Annual Sports notification 17-12-202231-01-2023General Notice
80084 College Annual Sports notification 10-12-202231-01-2023General Notice
80083 Annual Sports-2022 03-12-202231-12-2022General Notice
80082 5th Sem. Internal Assessment Exam. 2022 03-12-202231-12-2022General Notice
80080 5th Sem Internal Assessment Exam 2022 24-11-202231-12-2022General Notice
80079 Notification for Students Data Collection 23-11-202231-12-2022General Notice
80077 5th Semester Exam. Form Verification Notice in Bengali_21.11.2022 22-11-202231-12-2022General Notice
80076 Notification For 5th sem internl assesment exam 2022 17-11-202231-12-2022General Notice
80075 Notification Regarding College Opening after the Puja Vacation, 2022 08-11-202231-12-2022General Notice
80074 University Registration Notification in Santali for the 1st Semester students. 04-11-202230-11-2022General Notice
80073 Registration Notification in Bengali for the 1st Semester students. 04-11-202230-11-2022General Notice
80072 Change Notification in Santali for the 1st Semester students. 04-11-202230-11-2022General Notice
80071 Change Notification in Bengali for the 1st Semester students 04-11-202230-11-2022General Notice
80070 5th Sem. Exam Form Fill up Notice in Bengali_03.11.2022 04-11-202230-11-2022General Notice
80068 West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme Notice 13-10-202230-11-2022General Notice
80066 Notification for Puja Vacation 29-09-202231-10-2022General Notice
80064 Notice for Pending Verification 22-09-202231-10-2022General Notice
80062 Notice for Orientation Program 2022 22-09-202231-10-2022General Notice
80061 Notification for Class Dissolved of 3rd & 5th Semester Students 18-09-202231-10-2022General Notice
70070 Notification for Holiday 05-09-202231-10-2022General Notice
70066 Notification for 1st sem marsheet distribution 27-08-202230-09-2022General Notice
70062 Notification for 6th Sem. Marksheet distribution_21.08.2022 21-08-202230-09-2022General Notice
70060 2nd Semester (AECC-ENVS) Exam. Notification, 19.08.2022 20-08-202230-09-2022General Notice
70058 Notification for Holidays 18-08-202230-09-2022General Notice
60062 2nd sem exam schedule 04-08-202231-08-2022General Notice
60061 2nd sem exam Guidelines 04-08-202231-08-2022General Notice
60060 FORM FILL UP NOTIFICATION IN SANTALI 2ND SEMESTER 26-07-202217-08-2022General Notice
60059 2nd Semester exam form filup notice 23-07-202225-08-2022General Notice
60058 2nd sem. Exam Form Fill-up notice_SANTALI 20-07-202224-08-2022General Notice
60057 2nd Sem. Exam Form Fill up Notice in Bengali_17.07.2022 17-07-202231-08-2022General Notice
60056 4th semester exam. 2022 guideline (Santali) 14-07-202214-08-2022General Notice
60055 4th Semester Exam Guideline_Bengali 12-07-202214-09-2022General Notice
60054 VU_4th Semester Examination schedule 12-07-202217-08-2022General Notice
60047 2ND SEMESTER ADMISSION NOTIFICATION IN SANTALI 09-07-202231-07-2022General Notice
60046 2ND SEMESTER ADMISSION NOTIFICATION 09-07-202231-07-2022General Notice
60045 2nd Sem Internal Assessment Exam. 2022 29-06-202227-07-2022General Notice
60044 Revised exam schedule 6th sem 25-06-202220-07-2022General Notice
60043 4th Sem. 2022 Exam Form Fill up Notice 24-06-202223-07-2022General Notice
60042 6th Semester Examination Guideline 24-06-202223-07-2022General Notice
60041 6th Semester Examination schedule 24-06-202223-07-2022General Notice